South African Pickled Fish

My laundry woman cornered me this morning, asking for a recipe for pickled fish. Easter soon. I laughed and said: “Serve bokkoms!” She did not know what they were. “Where were you born?” I asked. Grahamstown.

I explained to her what bokkoms were, and said that Jesus won’t mind bokkoms, as long as you serve fish. She laughed.

In the interest of speeding up my laundry turnaround, I found two recipes for her. So, if Easter has you worried (she complains that fish is already selling for ZAR50/kg), here are two: one from Africhef, which doesn’t first dust the fish in flour before frying, and one from an expat site, which does.

I think I’ll just get the canned variety, with its alien-like soft fish bones…


3 Responses to South African Pickled Fish

  1. Simon says:

    I prefer pickled fish not to be dusted with flour beforehand. Also, I prefer Kabeljou or even snoek (despite the bones!) to either Hake or Yellowtail, both of which are too soft for my tastes. Another personal preference is that it should be more spicy and tart than sweet. This recipe looks more basic than the ones you’ve posted, but the picture looks closer to the kind of pickled fish I recognise.

  2. Simon says:

    Or Kingklip!

  3. RK says:

    Ag, this year I just bought some pickled snoek at PnP… but as far as the kabeljou is concerned, I am with you, it is the best for pickled fish, although I consider it a sin to pickle kabeljou. Conundrum.

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