Older links to my poetry

‘Kingdom of Rain’

A multimedia production of ‘Kingdom of Rain’, as well as the text of the poem.

Some pieces at Litnet:

‘Adult Alphabet’

‘The Blessing’ (excerpt)

‘Groundwork’ (excerpt)



Audio from Winternachten

Here. (Scroll down to ‘Younger Poets – Pt. 1’; you need Windows Media Player or Real Player. My reading starts about 26 minutes into the track.)

‘Stars of Stone’

On UKZN’s Poetry Africa 2006 page. Scroll down a bit.

‘Southbound: leaving Chicago by Greyhound’ and ‘Funk’

Published in Black Arts Quarterly way back in 1999, pages 11 and 14 respectively.


One Response to Older links to my poetry

  1. Rethabile says:

    Dayum! I’ve just read your poem, “Stars of Stone”, and it has disturbed my morning, perhaps my day. It is very strong in the way it uses simple language to convey complex thought. I have two questions: Where can I find more? And, can I post “Stars of Stone” on my blog? I’m collecting 52 of Africa’s poems. Not the best, because I don’t know what that would mean, but those that speak to me the most. Thanks.

    I see you have linked to Yblog. If you know Mike personally, please give him my best.

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