Lash dem Lara!

Brian Lara retires from international cricket. Tomorrow, 21 April, will be your last chance to see him in action. The Windies are, shamefully, out of the World Cup, but hopefully we can see a big score by him against England. I’ll be wearing my Windies cap.

3 Responses to Lash dem Lara!

  1. Rich Pageant says:

    Nothing to do with cricket.

    injured but wanting to bless…

    Good to know you’re okay – only just found this, was mourning the end of slack like that with all its chicken references…

  2. Rich Pageant says:

    Who is the third who walks always beside you?..

    Not the love of god or even an Armani clad angel in monochrome Berlin!

    More like Captain Oates who popped out for another kendal mint cake bar a while ago.

    Sorry to disappoint but I work with your son.

    And we still need to have that meal…

  3. Rustum says:

    Sorry Rich. Looks like you have the wrong man.

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