Terry Eagleton takes on Martin Amis

A bit of literary gossip from John Sutherland at the Guardian bookblogs:

… Eagleton used his new introduction to launch an ad hominem attack on his new colleague (he must have written it around the time the appointment was announced). In published articles, Eagleton asserts Amis has put his esteemed name to views more appropriate from a “British National Party thug”. Specifically that a firm line must be taken with domiciled Muslims until they themselves put their Islamic house in order…

Read the whole piece here.

More on Eagleton here.


2 Responses to Terry Eagleton takes on Martin Amis

  1. […] in 1991. By focussing on that small part, Sutherland was being gossipy, and thus I introduced my first post as […]

  2. […] about a little criticism that Terry Eagleton made of Martin Amis, which was turned into a piece of literary gossip – an important sociological element of any rich literary tradition – on a Guardian blog. Eagleton […]

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