Spitting Amis

It’s mornings like these that I like. A slow mist building over the bay and harbour, the buildings on the Foreshore growing more and more indistinct, and then, over the sound of the kettle boiling, the rain. Everything outside is grey and indistinct, sounds are muted, even the shrill voice of a neighbour has died down.

Days like these I imagine myself on the bridge of a U-boat, mug of steaming coffee, rusk in hand, the diesels thrumming faintly somewhere behind me. But enough of my fantasies.

Martin Amis has now responded to the brouhaha, after a columnist in The Independent [UK], Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, said that Amis was “with the beasts”. Read his letter – included in a summation of the brouhaha – here.

I’m not going to analyse Amis’s wonderful ability to back-pedal while spitting in someone’s face. It is a rare skill, and my powers of analysis do not quite reach those lofty heights. Instead, here’s a quotation from “Formerlefty”, one of the commenters on Eagleton’s post:

“Martin Amis, in the UK, is considered to be a member of the “Liberal Left” intelligentsia?? “

Not by me he isn’t. He’s a wealthy upper class white guy who’s dull, pretentious, cardboard-character-populated novels are grotesquely over-praised by the mutually-backslapping Hampstead clique of fellow posh white folk. Who lives mainly in the USA anyway. Like most liberals he’s essentially right-wing – only the worst kind of right-wing, the arrogant liberal elite kind. Why should anyone care what he has to say about Muslims?

Further and further reading can be found here (On Amis’s essay “The Age of Horrorism”), here, here, and here and here and here. Matt T, a blogger from the UK, had already in February this year wondered why there was no outcry over Amis’s little urge.


2 Responses to Spitting Amis

  1. Rich Pageant says:

    I wish to publicly assert that you are father to no more than a growing body of wonderful work and a passable pickled lemon recipe.

    I think I prefer the submariner for sure or foreshore.

    How the devil are you? How’s the collaboration for wayward boys and girls going?

  2. Rustum says:

    Hi life’s Rich Pageant. We’ve had two meetings so far: planning, structure, brainstorming entries, etcetera etcetera.

    Otherwise, we are at sea, mostly underwater, running thus until carbon dioxide reaches unhealthy levels and the batteries run low; but we have managed to surface occasionally for air and to run on the diesels, to wash and dry clothes, even if only washed in sea water, to sun ourselves on the deck and bridge, and, sometimes by moonlight, to watch porpoises at play.

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