Short selection at Poetry International

Poetry International has just published a few of my poems. It includes the following five poems from This Carting Life:

Cape Town, Jerusalem


In Moscow with Mandelstam

Kingdom of Rain

Reading Heaney’s ‘Nerthus’

It also contains “Kingdom of Rats“, previously unpublished.

9 Responses to Short selection at Poetry International

  1. Rustum says:

    Thanks Renegade Eye.

  2. You’ll be glad to hear that – after revisting your Kingdom of Rats this morning – I’ve taken up smoking again, after a two-day stop. My addiction, honed by your poetic account of inevitable demise, proved stronger than the symbolic potence of Leap Day.

  3. Rustum says:

    That poem drove you to smoke!? As an encouraging smoker, I take that as a compliment.

  4. Rethabile says:

    I’m gonna go over and print them, and have me a nice ride in the Metro on my way home. Best…

  5. Rich Pageant says:

    I rather like Kingdom of Rats. Can you point me to somewhere that you explore your use of/affinity for the Epic form?

    Very good work by the way.

    By the way I am not in any way related to you.

  6. Rustum says:

    Thanks Rich. I haven’t really thought about why I like the long poem in any deliberate way. Frustrated novelist, maybe? Filmmaker? Perhaps because I feel the short poem is partly to blame for the popular sense that poetry is a flighty past time.

    Oh, I saw my son recently – he seems to be getting along in the new job, although I believe its office culture is not quite to his liking. Something to do with limits to the reach of the Enlightenment.

  7. Rich Pageant says:

    Poets – flighty? Heaven forfend!

    I agree that unicycling across a landscape is sometimes a nobler endeavour than hopping on a low cost airline but neither looks good wearing a bear suit.

    Your son is alive and well and living without enightenment….

    And so to draw the threads together….

    Baruch Spinoza
    didn’t care for Mimosa
    but he should’ve been fussed
    about all that lens dust.

    PS Did you know Einstein wrote a poem about him – yes really…



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