Update: Archive extended

I have been cleaning up some folders and came across some youthful miscellaneous pieces I thought I’d add to my archive.

There’s a trio of articles on, respectively, coffee, fish and chips, and samoosas that I wrote for Student Life in 1997 (now called SL). And there’s one on smoking, published at the now defunct World Online (Tiscali, South Africa). The Student Life articles never appeared online, while the World Online piece has disappeared, obviously due to databases suffering the vagaries of time and corporate acquisition (see http://worldonline.co.za).

I won’t explain too much about the articles, apart from to say that they obviously show some historical wear: coffee-culture is now fairly mainstream and I drink dark roasts rather than Mocha Java, non-smoking venues are no longer empty, Captain Dorego’s has no presence in the Western Cape (it has been rebranded, and they probably don’t make the best chips any longer) etc. The food articles were partly inspired by Nettie Pikeur’s columns – folkish, conversational – in the by then already defunct Vrye Weekblad. (I heard a rumour last year that an anthology of those columns is being planned; I hope it comes together. Pikeur now writes for Die Burger).

The articles are posted with their original titles; the published titles appear in the citation preceding the article:

That Nescafé Moment – 1997

Fish and Chips for the Soul – 1997

You Can’t Get Lost in the Samoosa Triangle – 1997

The Joys of Smoking – 2001


One Response to Update: Archive extended

  1. Eli says:


    Warmest greetings. This is your former student, Eli Jelly-Schapiro. You taught a class on Derek Walcott in which I took part five or so years ago. I am in South Africa for a few weeks, doing some research for a writing project on labor and the 2010 World Cup, and will be in Cape Town ’till next Wednesday (July 30). If you are around, and would be open to getting a drink or meal or whatever, please do let me know. It would be great to see you.

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