Miriam Makeba

4 March 1932 – 10 November 2008

Mail & Guardian.


2 Responses to Miriam Makeba

  1. Carsten says:

    While I haven’t really examined this statistically, your blog is full of obits. I’ve casually counted at least 12. I wonder if ‘Groundwork’ really has some sort of burial connotation where you – metaphorically or not – lay to rest the leading lights and dignitaries of our time? It’s like some sort of sinister countdown.

  2. Rustum says:

    Interesting. It never struck me in that regard, no. The blog title, as you may have suspected, is just good old ‘Grundrisse’ – the sense of prepatory work. It’s also the working title for my still very embryonic second volume. What did strike me about the obits though is indeed a sinister sense in the dying off of icons who meant something in our youth, which serves as a reminder of my ageing and mortality. And I remember a similar kind of dumbfoundedness (or dumbfounded nostalgia?) in my parents in their forties, when their icons were dying off. Death comes closer, I guess.

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