The mighty poet, I-Roy, was on de wire…*

LOOKING FOR clips of Jerome Taylor’s five-for against England yesterday, I happened onto two golden oldies, toaster supreme, I-Roy, in a “Tribute to Michael Holding“: “Michael Holdin’, doun in Londontown is golden…” (from the album, Musical Shark Attack, 1976)

So, if you are of a certain age, pickling in collapso nostalgia, tun up de soun’ (No moving pictures):

*Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Street 66”


7 Responses to The mighty poet, I-Roy, was on de wire…*

  1. TLS says:

    That didn’t have to be a video. In fact, it isn’t.

  2. Sean Badal says:

    I was standing outside the ICA building in London once chatting to Linton and this (white) bloke says to him, ‘so where are you from?’

    Linton blows smoke in his face and answered ‘I’m from slough, where are you from?’

    well, it wasn’t slough but somewhere provincial!

  3. Dolce says:

    I thought the theme tune to Jaws was a musical shark attack.

  4. Rustum says:

    Sean, when was this? Late 70s, 80s? Interesting. I’ve had some blokes (from India), in other countries, ask me: Where in India you from? It’s weird how people just make up stuff in their head when they don’t know.

    Dolce, thanks for dropping by. I guess I-Roy was so mighty he went not only intertextual, but in a multimedia way, referencing that classic movie (Jaws, 1975) I can’t remember seeing. Perhaps I-Roy was jumping the shark?

  5. samboerou says:

    Like the two South African lads in London in the 80’s who was asked the same question,whereupon they responded,Australia.The questionner then proceeded to ask them ,which part of Australia they were from,Jo’burg or Cape Town?

  6. Sean Badal says:

    actually it was in late 2003! must have been cos it was effing cold!

    I hate to say this but I watched You don’t mess with the Zohan and the (israeli) character pretends he’s from Australia. His companion responds. ‘ah yes, things must be getting better now that you’ve gotten rid of apartheid.’

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