The Shitbook Manifestos: Revelation

The Shitbook Manifestos

1: Revelation

I am the great big hairy arsehole
that every morning unclenches
over the great big bowl of the world
shitting out you all
in all your forms
firm or loose, short or tall,
you great big presidents,
hypocrites with your cocks in the common weal,
in your smart suits and red ties,
your shiny shower heads
and your yes-we-can bullshit
and all the other shit you shit out over the world,
the lies, the thieving
the photo-ops,
the conferences rank with your effluvia
all its earnest shit
flowing from your mouths,
your brown mouths and pink mouths,
your puckering shitholes tightening
when I rise, me, the Great Lord Shitbook.


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