Fuck Colouredness and the Coloured Voice

3 July 2006, 3:38 pm

(appeared in slightly-edited version in Chimurenga #1, 2002, pp.45-47)

ALLOW ME some biographical indulgence, editor and reader, black, white, ‘coloured’, or any of the other million identities for sale.

I spent 10 months in the USA, on a scholarship and just after I had voted in 1994. There were moments in that country where I longed for SA racism, more visible, less sinister. So I was happy to return to my own backyard of racism in 1995. Since then I have been following the buildup to our present, often hysterical discoursing on race and racism. And here I am: hysterical, tired of the even tones of reason, angry. An angry black man. Read the rest of this entry »


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