For Michael Jackson

26 June 2009, 12:52 pm

For Michael Jackson

When God touches you there
you soar
in amplified magnificence
or fall into recoil

into a ball of epic self-pity
empty of blessing
shucked of benediction
but the only drug, ugly, beatific.


This was written 10 days ago after reading Peter Conrad’s overview of Jackson’s life, “Who stole the soul of the boy from Indiana”,  at The Guardian, cribbing “epic self-pity” from the article.


Satiric Flash Animation

17 April 2008, 5:07 pm

Ever since I saw it a few years ago, I’ve never failed to laugh at “I never copped a feel”, a flash animation music video featuring a cartoon Michael Jackson singing and dancing to a parody of one of his songs. But I only discovered today who the creator of that video is: Dominic Tocci. His website features a host of his animations and the two I like best so far are “D.R.A.F.T.“, a ridiculously funny one with Bush rapping to a Fifty Cent song (apparently around since at least 2005; how did I miss it?);  and “Everybody hates Saddam“, a rap featuring the said former leader of Iraq. But do take a few minutes or an hour to check out the rest.

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